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Magicmaker-Scraps TERMS OF USE (TOU).

Each item at magicmaker-scraps has it's own TOU according to its category, so please check-out the TOU for each product. In general, here are the TERMS for all items:

Personal Use (PU) - items ca be used exclusively for you or your immediate family’s digital-scrapping projects.

Commerciall Use (CU)- items can be used by hobbyist, crafterss and digital-art designers to create items for sale such as website design, tags, digital scrapbook kits, bragbooks, quickpages, calendars, stationeries, bookmarks, greeting cards, e-cards, etc.

Scraps for Others (S4O)- items ca be used for project that you do for your friends and relatives who doesn’t know how to use photo manipulating software such as Photoshop, Gimp (free software), Paint Shop Pro and other similar software.

Scraps for Hire/(S4H)- items can be used for projects that you do for your clients/customers or for anyone who would like to pay you for making their Quickpages, Bragbooks, Photobooks, photoart, etc.

Other guidelines are as follows:

~ The license to use the items at magicmaker-scraps for your S4H projects is only for small, home-based businesses and is not applicable for large-scale businesses/companies or mass-produced items.

~ Projects for hire/others must be given to your customers in flattened/merged format (ex. jpeg files), embedded along with other elements such frames,borders and decorative backgrounds. Plain colored-backgrounds are not allowed. It’s like giving-away the clipart/elements since it can be easily clipped/extracted from the plain background. Do not give away the layout in layered files so that your customers will not be able to get/extract the original clipart/element.

~ You can the use the CU products for your digital scrapbooking kits which you sell. Your digital scrapbook kits can be both for PU and S4H/O friendly. You can also use them to create digital Quickpages and Bragbooks for sale.

~ All items at (INCLUDING FREEBIES) cannot be shared to anyone both online and offline. If your friends, relatives or someone you know want to obtain any products, you can refer them to to purchase their own copy. The products here are reasonably priced and very affordable. Better yet, you can buy a gift certificate at and give it to others.

~ You are not allowed to sell them as commercial use (cu) or a stand alone item like the way you download them. They must be incorporated in digital scrapbook kit or any project that you are working on.

~ You are not allowed to make scripts, actions, brushes, and templates with these items for re-sell.

~ If you are going to post this product online (facebook, galleries, etc), a link back to is required for FREEBIE items.

~ For your craft projects, a link back to is not necessary but is highly appreciated.

~ Do not use for any layout promoting any form of blasphemy, pornography, discrimination or any immoral/illegal activity.

Here are some additional conditions for Kristi W. Designs Clipart:

~ Print and Cuts and cutting files are allowed with license purchased from Kristi. Only clipart that was made in 2015 and below can be made into Cutting files/Print and Cut Projects. If you see the preview that has 2016 on the title, it cannot be made into Print and Cut /Cutting File projects for sale.

~Mass production of the products that you sell is NOT allowed.

~ Credit must be given to ©Kristi W Designs on all projects that you are selling.

~ You cannot use the clipart to make printable items for free or for sale (ex. gift wrappers, ribbons, etc)

~ Freebies are not allowed, both clipart and creations (Cards, Quickpages, brackbooks, etc.)

~ You cannot use the clipart to make printable items for free or for sale (ex. gift wrappers, ribbons, etc)

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